Staffing Solutions

Contract Staffing

This solution is based on your temporary or project oriented staffing needs, such as:

  • Short & long term projects where you would benefit by outsourcing the labor.
  • Project expansions where additional just-in-time resources are needed.
  • Deployment of equipment or services in geographical areas extending beyond your existing footprint.
  • Exploration of new business lines, where strategically using contract labor is prudent until the line is fully integrated into your business model.
  • Extended absences of key employees.

Our candidates are thoroughly screened according to your needs, and are provided the benefits of being Orin employees.

Contract to Permanent Staffing

If you want to augment your workforce without the initial commitment to additional permanent staff, or would just like the opportunity to assess how well a new employee will fit within your organization before bringing them fully onboard, Orin gives you the flexibility to evaluate our resources while they demonstrate their ability to fill your immediate need. Invite them into the fold once you’re confident that they are the correct long-term choice for your organization.

Contingent and Retained Search Services

Our direct staffing models provide the support necessary to bring qualified candidates to your hiring managers for review. We simplify the complex roadmaps to finding the right candidates by handling the sourcing, qualifying, and screening, facilitating interviews and follow-up.

Onsite Resource Management

If a long-term commitment or contract requires a higher degree of control or a more dedicated focus for your projects, Orin provides onsite account managers to handle the flow and management of our resources. This provides you with a single onsite point of contact, streamlining communications and helping assure quick handling of employees’ needs.

Vendor Resource Management

If you are engaging multiple staffing suppliers and looking to standardize your project-related expenses, Orin partners with you as the primary point of contact to simplify and streamline your resource management functions. By implementing improved and more efficient processes and working with you to efficiently manage your vendors, you will find it easier to manage your costs and realize significant financial and time savings.