From our Client Hiring Managers and other client representatives…

It’s nice to have someone on the other end who is willing to keep things moving in the right direction and who understands the meaning of lets get this right the first time.

– Client AP/AR Manager

“I must say that I also have been extremely pleased with the level of service you have provided and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.”

– Client Manager

“…they were so outstanding he felt he needed to call personally to express how impressed he was with the candidates he met from us yesterday, all 4 were excellent candidates!”

– Client Senior Hiring Manager

“Thanks, I’m sure we will do more business in the future. You and your company are professional as well as pro-active.”

– Client Manager

From Employers about our employees…

…he has become one of the fastest individuals to ever ramp up from coming into the group fresh to becoming a top performer. He maintains his status as a top performer, as well. He has become a leader in teaching other “newbie’s” the ropes, is always patient, and always one of the first to jump in and help out the team or any individual. And, whether he wanted the change or not, he was made one of the two main keyers for a major client handling incredible order volumes.”

“…is one of the most dependable and hard working people I have known and am proud to have her on my team and a critical member within the center’s work groups. The amount of work she produces in a given day easily is that of at least two people”

Candidate Comments

“Color me impressed… you are very good at what you do! After reviewing the job description and doing some research on your client’s website, I would have to agree that this position looks like an excellent fit. Great job connecting those dots!!”

“Your efforts are very much appreciated! I appreciate that you thought of me and hope we can work again sometime. Not many recruiters in my experience have the service attitude I have experienced with respect to working with you. Your method of remembering candidates and their skills is sure to get you further ahead in your work.”

“I definitely enjoyed speaking with you as well. The entire time that I was talking to you I never got the discomforting feelings that I sometimes get when talking to recruiters and account managers, etc. That is definitely a good thing starting out!”

Employee Testimonials

“You are the best and I am so grateful to have worked for and with you. Continue to be the best and I know you will motivate great performance from all those you place. I have attached my resume with all updates and I do hope we can keep in touch.”

“I’ve been called by at least 8 different recruiters for this position but I only want to work with Orin on this opportunity.”

“I will tell many prospects of your wonderful and professional services. Anyone looking for a true recruitment agency should look to you first! If I had to do it over again… Orin USA, Inc. would definitely be my first pick!”

“It has been almost 20 years since I’d worked with an agency. But now I must confess, that I honestly can’t see myself working for anyone else. I truly feel like I am a part of a team.”