About Orin

Although Orin was established in North America in 2001, I like to think that we really started business on January 22, 2002. That was the first time that this small company with two and a half employees, a personal computer and a couple of cell phones made payroll. The two and a half employees included Joe Meador, Jill Cole and me – although I will never tell you who the half is!

What we lacked in capital we more than made up through a dream that one day we could create a great company. We wanted to achieve this by building a company that would become synonymous with offering and delivering the best staffing solutions to our customers, in part through maximizing the investment in our people. It was a dream to strengthen the foundations of the previous 20 years of Robert King and the team at Orin Engineering in the United Kingdom.

The early years were tough. Global demand for technical resources was in turmoil. Our first year objective was to survive and our second year objective was to build on the first. Gladly we did.

We have grown our business in every year since our inception. We have always maintained a philosophical conviction to provide the best available benefits to our employees and in return we gained an extremely loyal workforce. Along the way we have refined our capabilities and now find that we have built extremely strong Centers of Excellence in the areas of Communications, Engineering and Technology.

Over the years, it is hard not to look back and smile. However, it is important to look forward. Forward to an exciting future.

Today we have over 200 employees and we have worked in almost every State in the Union. We have offices in Dallas and Atlanta and have opened a new office in Toronto where Orin Canada is now providing telecommunications infrastructure support in Ontario and Quebec.

Through our commitment to our customers and employees, we continue to evolve and enhance our services. I want to thank you for your support. I want to thank you for your consideration if Orin is new to you.

Orin – People Solutions

Robert King

Managing Director